Audience filters are groups of rules that allow Ascend users to customize the type of visitor that can be considered for exposure to an Ascend experiment. Multiple audiences can be applied to a single experiment.

A simple use case might be device type ‘mobile’ users who arrive on the site with the ‘url parameter’ of utm_campaign=facebookad1. The ruleset for this would be the following:

Device equals mobile


URL parameter equals utm_campaign = facebookad1.

You can create a single ‘rule’ or a ‘group’ of ‘rules.’ For instance, let’s say that you’d like to create a ‘group’ that is defined by the following ‘rules’:

Device = Mobile

Platform = Android

Location = San Francisco

This group is now effectively a single ‘segment’ that includes targeting of mobile android device users in San Francisco. The ‘groups’ convention allows you to use complex AND or OR logic to define your segments.

Some example use cases:

Mobile users in a geographic region.

Desktop users coming in on the URL parameter ‘utm_source=google’ and who have return visitor cookie.

Below is an initial list of dimensions, operators, and inputs:

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