Since Ascend allows you to test thousands of possible page designs, it is important to run a thorough QA of the experiment before launch. Ascend's experiment QA functionality allows you to do this quickly and easily - verifying what will be displayed on every page of your funnel, and when your goal has been triggered.


Fast verification design render correctly

Automatically, or manually, run through all the possible changes that will be made to the page to see how it will appear to the end user. Ascend will stop to highlight if any javascript errors are found in your changes.

Check how changes interact

Select specific changes to see how they will render in combination with each other.

Verify the full experiment flow

As Ascend's experiment QA launches straight into your website, you can click through every page in your funnel - verifying your page selectors are correctly defined, and viewing when your conversion goal has fired.

Where can I find this feature?

Launch it from the 'Preview' button in the Ascend editor view.

How it Works

  • The Ascend Javascript snippet must be placed on the site - most importantly on the funnel and goal pages.
  • You will be directed to your website with the Ascend QA tool launching over the topThis process happens only for QA mode, so it does not increase the page load time for your other site visitors
  • You will remain in this QA mode until you exit, or end your browser session

Cross Browser Experiment QA

Please see this link to cross-browser experiment QA

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