Yes you can. After starting an experiment, a set of candidates will be created, and you might want to test the rendering of one of them. You can do that using two different methods:

Developer tools

In your web browser (Google Chrome in that example):

  • Open the Developer Tools then select the Network tab
  • Filter on "ascend"
  • Go to the website's page targeted by the experiment
  • Click on the request starting with "candidate?action=page_visit" and select the Headers tab
  • The assigned candidate ID will be the "cid" parameter (42973 in that example)


You can find that same information in the cookies list. To access that list, you can either use the Application tab in the Developer Tools or use an extension, such as EditThisCookie on Google Chrome.

The _ascend_candidate cookie will contain a text string:


Finding the candidate in the Ascend reporting

You will find reference to that ID in the Ascend reporting by accessing a candidate's details. The ID will be displayed at the top right corner.

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