Using the Ascend wireframe editor you can easily select an element and tar adding your variations. There may be cases where there’s an element nested within other elements and you’ll need to target the element by entering the appropriate selector.

You can do this by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1: One the webpage you’re editing in a new tab in Chrome

Step 2: Go to the Chrome developer tools (on Mac: Command+Option+J, Windows: Control+Shift+J)

Step 3: Inspect the element using the Chrome element inspector

Step 4: Make the desired changes in Chrome (e.g. via CSS toolbox)

Step 5: Copy the selector shown in Chrome

Step 6: Go back to Ascend, and click on the element

Step 7: Replace the existing selector

Step 8: Click “Save Element”

The steps are also shown in the tutorial video, below.

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