We offer a Shopify integration for tracking conversions on the Shopify "Thank you" page.

Implementing Ascend in your Shopify account is easy and can be implemented with the following steps:

Login to your Shopify account and navigate to "Themes".


Click on the three dots next to your theme then select "Edit HTML/CSS".


Next, select "theme.liquid" and add your Ascend.js snippet as high up in the <head> as possible. Save your update.


Conversion Goal Options and Code

Go to "Settings" -> "Checkout" then navigate to the "Additional Scripts" section and add one of the two code snippets based on your conversion goal.


You have the following options when setting your conversion goal

  1. Conversions - Optimize for increasing conversions (trigger a conversion when a user loads the "Thank you" page)
  2. Revenue - Optimize for increase revenue

NOTE: Please replace the placeholder snippet with your Ascend JavaScript Snippet

Optimizing for increased conversions:

Simply add your one-line Ascend JavaScript snippet e.g.


Optimizing for revenue:


NOTE: Did you remember to replace the placeholder snippet with your Ascend JavaScript Snippet? :)

Once you have set up your conversion goal click on the "Save" button.

Congratulations! You've now set up your Ascend / Shopify integration!

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