Ascend provides several features which allow for seamless integration with built-in Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks including React, Angular.js, and other similar frameworks.

These mechanisms and features include:

URL Monitoring

If the funnel page in your Single Page Application can be directly accessed via a URL, no extra code is required to incorporate onto the page.

Out of the box, Ascend will continuously monitor URL changes that result from either page navigations or dynamic updates through the JavaScript History API. This means that the URL change can occur anywhere in the path, parameters (query string), or fragment (hash) so long as the popstate event is dispatched (i.e. the page is recorded in the browser’s history).

If using React Router and importing the <BrowserRouter> to configure your routes, your URLs already follow the push-state scheme and utilize the JavaScript History API.

Manual Activation API

If the funnel page in your Single Page Application is not directly accessible via a URL -- or the popstate event is not fired upon URL change -- you can take advantage of our Manual Page Activation API to render the variation at the appropriate state.


Ascend also includes the robust ability to watch the DOM for changes through the MutationObserver API. This mechanism will continually monitor for changes, reapplying treatments as elements on the page are replaced, and / or modified through JavaScript. This functionality is also provided out of the box with Ascend, and no additional development code is required.

For any additional questions related to our Single Page Application integration functionality please reach out to your Solutions Engineer or Customer Success Manager.

Happy Optimizing!

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