Page load time impacts conversion. As a software company devoted to providing our customers a means of improving conversion rates over time, we are very sensitive to the impact on overall site performance we have for our customers.

To that end, we'd like to recommend a 'pre-fetch' integration process that drastically improves the rate at which Ascend will successfully render to your website, as opposed to timing out. This is particularly valuable if you have customers that access your website from South America, Southeast Asia, or Africa.

The pre-fetch method is simple - load Ascend.js on a page that is not part of your funnel for your experiment, but that a user in your experiment has to visit prior to loading your experiment funnel.

Take the simple example below:


By placing the Ascend javascript somewhere 'higher' in your website funnel, you will effectively eliminate the majority of the load impact that may have been caused by the Ascend snippet.

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