When setting up the pages to be included in your experiment, you have several options as to page 'types' to set to a particular page. The goal of this article is to define what each of those pages types means, and to help provide some clarity as to what situations might call for needing to set a certain page type.

Page types:


  • Entry page is the default page type. Entry pages are pages that will always attempt to render an Ascend candidate, regardless of where they are in your experiment funnel. An entry page can be considered synonymous to a 'landing page' for a marketing campaign, for example. You might want to set a page as an 'entry page' if you want to make sure that only people who visited a landing page to your funnel are able to render experimental variations on the form submission or product detail pages. 


  • Funnel pages require an Entry page to have been visited prior to attempting to render a candidate. 

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