Click based goals in Ascend allow creators of an experiment to select a specific element on one of their funnel pages and to assign a click on that element to a goal.

If you would like to fire a goal on multiple elements - for instance, if you would like to track a goal fire on a button that repeats on your web page, then using manual triggering is probably your best bet.

In order to set up your click based goal:

1) Navigate to the 'Define conversion goal' component and click on 'add conversion goal.'

2) Select 'Clicks on a Link/Button' as your goal type.

3) Navigate to the selected page in your experiment funnel in the component UI.

4) Click on the element on your page that you would like to associate to your experiment goal.

In some cases, the click based goal component will not load your page correctly - this can happen for the following reasons:

  • Your website is refusing to be loaded in a third party iframe.
  • Your website is using a single page application framework.
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