Ascend automates the end-to-end testing process, so you can focus your energies on marketing—better copy, designs, images and UX ideas—not on test administration and statistics.

The Ascend test designer GUI gives you both simple WYSIWYG test set-up and the ability to get as deeply into the page code as you want, making it easy to test all your ideas. Our built-in QA tools ensure that you can test even big page changes with minimal risk.

Once you’ve come up with the ideas you want to test, it takes just a few minutes to enter each change. Most customers can set up their tests, even with dozens of changes, within a couple of hours.

Since Ascend compresses what might otherwise be years of testing into a single test, you’ll need to QA the individual changes and review the combinations of changes.

Ascend’s tools allow you to complete this process in a few hours. Once you deploy, Ascend runs the entire program and reports on results. No test administration or data scientist time required!

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