Ascend provides analytics integrations out of the box with Google Analytics, and through our javascript lifecycle events.

Why to integrate with analytics platforms?

Track performance of key business metrics for Ascend experiences

Analyze experiment performance across custom and standard metrics such as

  • Time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Average Order Value (AOV)

Streamlined data investigation

  • Analyze experiment data in a common analytics system
  • Split experience results by custom attributes to identify possible audience trends

What not to use the analytics integration for

Evaluating experience performance

Whilst we do make available enough information available for calculation of basic conversion rates, Ascend uses advanced statistics to calculate the performance of each experience - the data required for these calculations is not available in external analytics tools. Additionally, comparison of an experience to control must be done carefully to ensure the correct time period is used.

Exact matching of user and conversions counts

Whilst the data should be similar across both systems, there are a variety of reasons why numbers are rarely exact - from definition differences to integration related issues. For a more detailed article on comparison of data see here.

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